Computer Systems and Software (CSS) was incorporated in 1989.

We originally began as a break-fix information technology company focusing on computer networks and work-flow processes.

Once the internet was started we transitioned to a managed services company focusing on outsourced IT management for SMEs, municipalities, and schools. At that time we marketed our company under the name CSS IT Solutions.

Although we had done web development ever since web pages became a thing we transitioned all of our focus to online development in 2015 and began branding under the name CSS Online Solutions. 

Same company, same high standards, just a more specialized focus.

We are a team of successful entrepreneurs with multiple online enterprises who have learned how to develop and manage profitable online companies.

The mission of CSS Online Solutions is to continuously improve our clients' business infrastructure and operations through the application of creative and innovative online strategies. We do this by implementing best-practice models based on client needs, dependable technologies, and core competencies that maximize operational efficiencies while reducing costs.

Call us at 786.322.4845 for a no obligation conversation to determine if we are the right fit for your company.